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School Wide Rewards


Bear Paws:These tickets are to be given to individual students that demonstrate our school wide rules (Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful). Students will collect bear paws and have the opportunity to spend them at that student store.


Bear Bucks:  These tickets are given to groups of students or a whole class, They are awarded when a staff member observes a whole glass following school wide procedures (i.e. walking quietly in the hall.  Classes that collect 25 Bear Bucks will receive a class pizza party.  Please note, teachers cannot give Bear Bucks to their own class.   Bear Bucks must be earned from other staff members.


Perfect Attendance:  Classes spell out PERFECT ATTENDANCE.  Everyday that all students are in class on time, the class will earn a letter to spell out perfect attendance.  When you spell out perfect attendance, your class will receive a special treat. 


“Table of the Week”:  Each week, classes can earn tickets towards a “Table of the Week” drawing in the cafeteria.  To earn a ticket, the entire class must remain seated during lunch, eat quietly and leave their table clean.  Classes may earn up to 5 tickets per week for the drawing.  At the end of the week, one class per grade level will earn recognition as “Table of Week” and be honored with special table decorations.  The more tickets your class earns the more chances they have to be picked as “Table of the Week”!


Class Rewards:Each class is eligible to earn special rewards such as Bel Air T-shirts and pennants for meeting class behavior goals identified by the classroom teacher.