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School Staff Directory

Bel Air staff members are always here to help. If you are visiting, please make sure to sign in, grab a visitor sticker, and greet our lovely office staff. Visitors may also call ahead of time to make appointments. 

(925) 458-2606.  


If you would like to call teachers directly, please call (925) 682-8000 and dial their extension. 



To report an absence, call (925) 458-2606

When reporting an absence, please include the following:

  • Your name and relationship to student
  • Student's name
  • Teacher's name
  • Date(s) of absence(s)
  • Reason for absence. 


Robert Humphrey


Janis Heden
Vice Principal


Chloe Park
Office Manager
925-682-8000 x84602


Blanca Ochoa
Community Service Assistant 

Kim Amigh 3rd Grade Teacher
Brenda Duenas 1st Grade Teacher
Cristina Gonzalez 5th Grade Teacher
Olivia Hinkens 4th/5th Grade Teacher
August Houston 4th Grade Teacher
Danielle Icay 2nd Grade Teacher
Shelley Pho Transitional Kindergarten Teacher
Stephanie Pospisil Kindergarten Teacher
Denielle Short-Mason 3rd Grade Teacher
Emmanuel Tecuatl-Lee 2nd Grade Teacher
Angie Tuatagaloa 1st Grade Teacher
Nelle Edwards 3rd Grade Teacher